Monday, March 19, 2018

A New Message. A New Day, for me, anyway.

I've decided politics is too awful for me. When the current president was elected it made me so frustrated that I felt I had to say something. And I did. Basically, I just said the same thing so many were saying. They were just saying it better and I can't burn that hot for that long. So, I've decided that what happens, happens. I will vote, if there is somebody I believe in, remember the words of Jerry Garcia, "choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil," and I refuse to play along.

From now on I will let the people with the asbestos skin do all the fighting.

I am starting a movement. The #MakeAmericaDeadAgain or if that is too graphic, or final, we can use the ever popular #DrainTheSwampFillTheCooler movement. We may never be able to muster a candidate for any office, and we may not care.

I don't really know how those marvelous artists would feel about this. But, I think, listening to the message of their music they would probably be ok with it.

Lately, I have started going back to the classics. Skull and Roses, American Beauty, Terrapin Station, and there is a lot of comfort in those glorious songs. It makes you remember there is a ray of sunshine, and we have to look for it. Even on the darkest days.

I think, if we stick together, and find a way to love everybody, even those we don't really like very much we can make this work in spite of our elected officials.

We have to decide if we are happy, or just at the mercy of those in charge. If you think things could be better feel free to use the labels #MakeAmericaDeadAgain  or #DrainTheSwampFillTheCooler in every post you have until something improves. If we don't do it nobody will.

Or, in the words of the Dead.

"And the politicians throwing stones
So the kids they dance they shake their bones
Cause its all too clear we're on our own
Sing ashes to ashes, all fall down
Ashes to ashes, all fall down"