Monday, September 14, 2015

Preparing for Doomsday, lets try something different.

Looking around the landscape of history the one thing that jumps from every era is the end. It changes only in scope, the severity is almost always a constant. Sooner or later somebody or group wants what somebody else has and they are willing to risk it all. And the boulder starts down the hill, rolling all over everybody. It is unfortunate fate that the boulder, sooner or later, rolls over the group that initiated the mess. But, it always happens, and as long as it can, it probably always will.

There is a show about a group of passionate people in single minded pursuit of security. Doomsday Preppers. These people are convinced there is an imminent collapse. A point where humanity will cease to function. Unable to produce enough to provide for society people will resort to lawlessness, and banditry. In an effort to ensure the survival of their family they sacrifice many of the conveniences and pleasures of modern life. Saving, scrimping and doing without to stockpile supplies against the eventual failure.

If this happens the stockpiles of food and supplies will become very valuable. A treasure to be guarded and these people have provided for that as well. Purchasing property that is difficult to access, and arming themselves they are prepared to defend their cache of supplies with deadly force. They feel this will be necessary, and if the future plays out according to their worries they are probably correct.

This may be the wealthiest society in the history of the world, with an enormous reserve of resources and technology, and there is a small, but significant proportion of citizens preparing for its collapse. They are going to make sure they have the resources to continue. It will be vital to to destroy anybody who wants part of it.

These people are sure forces will roll the boulder down the mountain, and they want to be the last
people smashed by the coming disaster. It is the same mentality that drove early man, the difference only lies in what is available. It is no longer a supply of roots and dried berries being defended by people armed with spears and clubs it is now bottled water, canned vegetables, and gasoline being protected by firearms and improvised, buried explosives.

You can mock these people, but they are just playing out their part in the passion play of history. Moreover, it is a stark reminder that we are not so distant or different than our ancestors. It is a dangerous game we play pretending otherwise. But, we continue to roll the dice, everywhere.

Sooner, or later, something is going to happen, and things will escalate, and it will be too late. It may be unavoidable, it may be our destiny to push until there is no choice but to push back, Today, we should all vow to take one small step in correcting course. I can't tell you what that is, it is up to you to decide. Also, you should vote that way, and you should let everybody know why. We may be the only hope this world has.