Thursday, August 25, 2016

Syria, and the Path of Most Resistance.

With the Turkish invasion of Syria there will be renewed cries for American intervention. Outrage and indignation will be the method of discourse. Ringing from one coast to another, calls for action will echo endlessly across the landscape. Demands and accusations without much in the way of substance. Though, that is nothing new. It will only change in intensity and pitch.

What no one, on either side of the issue will discuss is the end game. What is the object once the military is embroiled in another quagmire in a foreign country where they are not welcome, and the culture completely alien?

Any conflict, or war needs to have a political end. Without a political solution war is only mindless bloodshed. And the political solution in Syria is lost in a maze of conflicting factions, armies, militias and jihadists

Certainly, the people of Syria need help. But, they need help that will bring a solution. More destruction is not much aid to people being bombed, shelled and shot at in a constant barrage of screaming terror.

Should it be America, probably, because no one else will. But, it needs to have a focus, an end worth the means. Before we begin military operations there should be a strategic goal in place.

America's military carries enormous fire power, incredible technological wizardry, and the means and might to make effective use of all the tools. But, the American government lacks the will power to achieve political victory.

The lives of countless soldiers have been squandered since the Battle for Naktong in 1950. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, twice and Afghanistan have seen American military superiority and resolve. What victories have resulted, what peace has been achieved?

If the country is drawn into the fray it has to be with the intention of winning the battles, winning the war and winning the peace. Else why bother?