Wednesday, October 12, 2016

8th of November

In less than a month, the votes will be counted and the new President of the United States will be named. Although past elections brought the campaign "battle" to an end leaving roughly half the country feeling like victors and the others feeling defeated, I feel this election will be different. My personal belief, and fear - since I believe I am right, is that everyone will come out a loser in this election. Regardless of your personal and political beliefs, there is no real win this time around. 

This year is going to end with an uproar that will fuel a great battle in America...and possibly beyond. I am see a hybrid war with the combined characteristics of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the World Wars. Imagine, if you will, fighting all three of those wars at the same time - because that's what I see coming. 

A Clinton Win
Let's imagine for a minute that Clinton is elected President of the United States. Those in opposition to her and what she stands for are very likely to rise up against the socialist government they fear she will create. This will obviously not go uncontested and may very well result in a citizen revolution.

A Trump Win
Now imagine a Trump victory in this election. His opposition will be up in arms as well. You see how much violence and civil unrest the liberal left is causing now under Obama's reign. Just imagine how bad it will escalate if their enemy Trump were to win the election. 

You could write a book on their differences. Basically, just make a list of every topic or issue anyone could care about and these two would be on opposite sides. At least, that's what the typical smear campaigns are telling us. The problem is that the supporters for each candidate aren't quite that clear cut on every issue. I have heard many times that people on both party sides feel like they're being forced to pick the lesser of two evils. 

Nobody Wins
If you were to grab your average American citizen off the street (without a news crew filming) and had them go through the list of issues, I bet you'd find a lot more middle ground than you thought. The real hot and major issues like military spending, immigration and gun control will be cut and dried for most, but the rest could go either way for many. Most of that won't matter though. One side will be the victor and the opposite side will react.

This will create a new civil war as neighbors blame each other for the actions of the other's party. That's not the whole problem though. We have others continuing to attack us on a weekly basis. If it's not radical terrorists attacking, it's our own home grown terrorists. Then again, our own citizen "protesters" are doing a pretty good job of destroying our towns without the help of terrorists. (Assuming you don't lump them into the same group heading already.) 

Now add in our foreign enemies. They are like vultures circling and waiting to swoop in and feast on the impending carnage. They'll let us beat each other down until we'll tired and then make their move when they think we're weak. Unfortunately, this may be what it takes to get us to take a look around and start treating each other like neighbors again and work together instead of against each other. 

No matter how you look at it, we have dark days ahead of us. The election hasn't even happened yet and we're already at war. Arguing, protesting and vandalizing every chance we get. Killing law enforcement personnel who are here to protect us. Mass shootings in schools, malls and other public settings. Turn on the news any evening and see for yourself. We are already at war and it's going to get worse before it has a chance to get better. Until next time....