Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Don't make them pay for our choice.

Now that his tax plan is public, and dissected it becomes easy to understand where Donald Trump plans to make the bulk of his tax cuts..  After promising to “massively cut taxes for the middle class,” to huge applause and fantastic effect, he has decided to turn his stimulus to those with a little more capital.  To the victors go the spoils and to their contributors go the “tax incentives.” And it is widely known that campaign promises are the first casualties of elections.

According to the Tax Policy Center the middle class stands to lose some ground in exemptions, and pay a little more of the national debt. A sad reality, but reality nonetheless, according to the Tax Policy Center.

Tax Increases Projected Under Trump Plan
Lily Batchelder, a law professor at NYU and visiting fellow at the Tax Policy Center, says Donald Trump's plan would boost taxes for many families, with some of the largest increases applying to single-parent families "because of the repeal of the head of household filing status and personal exemptions."

§  A single parent with $75,000 in earnings, two school-age children and no child care costs would face a tax increase of around $2,440.
§  A single parent with $50,000 in earnings, three school-age children and no child care costs would also face a tax increase of around $1,188.
§  A married couple with $50,000 in earnings, two school-age children and no child care costs would face a tax increase of about $150.
§  Other married couples would get almost no benefit.
While that spells trouble for the middle class it spells disaster for those who rely on the kindness of the public. So much of the aid is provided by the generosity of those who are comfortable. But as the budget tightens charity will probably begin at home.
It becomes so easy to ignore the truly needy, even blaming them for their unfortunate situation.
Honestly, though, nobody would choose to live that way, hoping for a warm meal, a friendly smile and a shower before trying to find a dry place to sleep, an out of the way hole away from chilling wind, soaking rain and judging, prying eyes. They deserve help, not contempt.

If you voted for trump, by all means celebrate the victory, and applaud the groundswell that took him to the White House. If you voted for Clinton don’t give up hope, the next campaign is really only a couple of years away. No matter how you voted take a minute to remember the forgotten, to help the helpless. When people have less to give, more people need to help, and there are people who need help. Together we can make a difference, it is the American way.