Monday, January 30, 2017

Week One, Wow What A Ride

Nobody wants the president to fail. There are those who will be disappointed if succeeds spectacularly, democrats and republicans alike. And there are thousands who will be shocked if he succeeds, completely floored, if he doesn't implode, in a black hole of petulant, indignant self righteous bluster. It seems, from the press the whole world is watching the circus, waiting for whatever comes next.

He might succeed spectacularly, too. But for now it doesn't seem the man can get out of his own way. First it was not a Muslim ban, then it was a Muslim ban, just like Obama's. No, it was nothing like Obama's. No matter how many times the President claims it is, it really isn't. Obama was wrong to do what he did. Innocent lives were lost, because he buckled to a xenophobic, angry congress. Whether he regrets his actions or not only he can say. But, it was in no way a precursor to, or anything like what President Trump has done.

How did he arrive at the list of countries? He has repeatedly gone back to the attacks on American soil. Reince Priebus, referenced the 9/11 attacks, mostly Saudi's, and the San Bernadino shooters wife, who was from Pakistan. The Fort Hood shooter was an American citizen, as was the Orlando night club shooter. His choice of countries is almost mystifying.

And his first bold strike against extreme Islamic terrorists happens in Yemen? Yemen is the home to
one of the most secret, dirty little wars today. Mostly, it seems, the Saudi royal family is fighting a proxy war with the Iranian Revolutionary Council. And a lot of people are getting blown into little pieces. And there is probably some terrorists involved, but, it seems like an odd place to draw a "line in the sand."

Removing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Director of National Intelligence and placing the resigned editor of an extremely hard line internet news publication in their place at national security briefings. A move that has almost everybody shaking their head in consternation.

He wants to withdraw from organizations that have were designed to save the world from self immolation, leave trading partners hoping somehow that will increase trade, build a wall with money from some magical source and this is all in the first week. Somehow the only thing that comes to mind is the final scene from the Oliver Stone movie "Platoon" when Captain Harris tells the disembodied voice on the other end of the radio:

"Snakebite leader, Bravo Six, for the record, it's my 
call.  Dump everything you got left ON MY POS.  I say 
again, I want all you're holding INSIDE the 
perimeter.  It's a lovely war.  Bravo Six Actual and 

It was probably his way of saying "man, we are screwed. But, we are not going down without blowing up a bunch of stuff, and taking as many people as possible." So, Bravo Six, where are you when we need you? It's been a lovely war. Thanks for the memories.