Monday, January 23, 2017

Well, This Started Poorly, or Am I Dreaming.

The last couple of months have been very odd. Looking at the landscape of American government today it is increasingly difficult to know whether this is a new reality or just an uncomfortable dream. We have a president who has never served in office before, never served his country before, who, by all accounts does not even pay taxes to his country. Is this real, or should I roll over and go back to sleep.

We have a president who is feuding with an actor who portrays him in an unflattering manner. It so enrages our president he fires off angry tweets, mean things, about an actor. I remember watching this show in the 70s and Chevy Chase was acting like Gerald Ford trying to roll a joint, and being too clumsy to manage the task. And it went on, through every president since then. It is a profitable industry mocking the president, but the current occupant of the white house tweets in anger. Man, I need to get a new dream, this one is getting old.

The president's press secretary holds a press conference, on the first day of the new presidency. Does he talk about the aggressive agenda being pursued in the oval office? Does he talk about the ways in which the president is going to make America great again? Does he take the opportunity to talk about the executive order being signed altering the affordable care act and how it will affect the well being of those people who signed up and have found the joys of being able to afford to stay healthy? No, he talks about the size of the crowd at the inauguration. Something so inconsequential, something so trite, something so easily discredited. I was waiting for him to say "I walked through and counted them, Each and every one of the screaming Trump fans. I counted them all." Please, stop this dream, I think I want to get off.

Sunday rolls around, and the senior white house aide tells us the press secretary was only presenting "alternative facts." Obviously, these are facts the new president is much more comfortable with. "Facts" that fit his version of "truth." Of course, this senior aide was the same person who told us "we needed to listen to what was in Donald's heart," rather than listen to the things he was saying. This is a skill we are going to have to practice, even in this dream. Until then we are forced to listen to the things he says, and tweets. Mean things, scary things, things that a president should probably not say. Maybe he should just say what is in his heart if it is noble, so presidential, and not force us to guess. This dream is no fun, is there a money back option?.

Here we are, a presidency in its infancy. Barely three days old, and we are led to believe that any unfavorable report is "fake news" and should be tempered with "alternative facts," which are much more favorable. We are led by man who has honor and kindness in his heart, but mean, vile things coming from his lips, and his rapid fire fingertips. And nobody in either house is asking any questions, and the press is just letting it go. We used to be a nation of democrats, republicans, liberals and conservatives, hawks and doves, now we are a nation of sheep. Willing to let the clumsy, verbal sleight of hand go on with out question. More's the pity. I don't like this dream anymore, it is turning into a nightmare. A nightmare of things and times to come.