Thursday, February 2, 2017

Two Weeks, And A Long List of Accomplishments

Almost two weeks in and President Trump has been extremely busy. Besides his exhaustive tweet schedule, and I defy anybody to try to keep up with the man, he has made time to call, harass, and irritate people all over the world.

He really made the Palestinians angry when he talked expansively about moving the embassy to Jerusalem. An act that would incite extremists everywhere and drag the whole region into chaos.

Then, in a surprising show of equal opportunity, he made the Israelis furious when he left the Jews out of his holocaust remembrance speech. Intentionally, he claimed, or had his spokesperson claim, because "other victims also suffered." Delightful, Mr. President.

He angered all of the Middle East, and the Iraqis in particular when he said we should "steal Iraq's oil." So reminiscent of the comedian Gallagher, whose plan was to drill straight through the earth and suck the oil right out from underneath them. "It's not there oil, it's our oil, they're just closer, that's all." It's not so damned funny now, is it?

He has threatened Iran, with some unspecified retaliation, for ignoring the treaty Mr. Trump said he was going to walk away from. Iran's president has responded by calling him a political novice. How do you respond to that, Mr. President?

He has repeatedly insulted Mexico, America's third largest trading partner. Insisting that they are going to pay for a pointless, foolish wall. Threatening embargoes, tariffs, and most recently to send in US troops allegedly to round up all the "bad hombres" waiting in line to rush across the border before the wall is assembled.

In one fell swoop he has handed most of the regional influence of the Pacific Rim to China by backing out of the TPP. But, not until he had them thoroughly angered by having his Secretary of State designate make bold, unenforceable claims on islands in the South China Sea.

In a bold move of infantile diplomacy he cut short a call with the Prime Minister of Australia. A nation that has sent more troops to assist the US in Iraq and Afghanistan than any other. After claiming that taking the refugees was "the worst deal ever."

Taking time from his busy schedule, he managed to irritate almost everybody with a pointless, rambling, and insulting speech to commemorate Black History Month.

In what is certainly an ambush visit he managed to insult the fallen heroes of the CIA by standing in front of the memorial wall and talking about himself.. His favorite topic. A subject that fascinates him. He can go on and on about himself.

He loves to talk about himself, and his impressive victory, which was impressive, admittedly, but not because of the scope, as he so often claims, because of his outsider status, which was an enormous accomplishment.  And, the number of people who viewed his inauguration, not as many as he claims. And CNN, and his ongoing feud with CNN,

His goal of American Isolationism should be relatively easy. Nobody will want anything to do with us pretty soon.