Wednesday, November 4, 2015

No, I didn't vote, the day after

The nice thing about elections is they end (unlike campaigning, which is perpetual). Here is the morning after, winners, losers, laughter, tears, the gamut of human emotion, playing out on the morning news. With a ticker tape parading across the bottom of the screen for those races not important enough for the anchor people.

Next is the live report.

A reporter standing in front of an empty building talking about the candidate who lost. In this building he gave his speech to a crowd of angry, heartbroken, disillusioned supporters. Talking about what a good fight they gave, and what they accomplished.

At a certain point when all hope was lost the unelected candidate will call the victor. What can he say?

"Congratulations, even though I have spent the better part of a year explaining in obsessive detail what an unqualified, morally bankrupt, inept, loathsome fool you are, and have let my jack booted media* henchman slander you and everything you have ever done I know you will do a fine job in office."

And what would the winner say to that?

"Same to you, except for the congratulatory part, and the being in office bit, that would be tacky. But, I see nothing but bright things in your future. See you in 2019.**"

It kind of brings a tear to my eye, just thinking about it. Maybe I should have voted.

*Here, I would like to apologize for the use of media, but "press" did not fit in that sentence, and it was supposed to be somebody else talking.

**Or whenever the next election is.