Tuesday, November 3, 2015

One more sign of voter apathy.

This is not technically an article about the coming apocalypse, but it represents things I see as signs of deeper problems. Societal problems that curse our world, and it fits in with the theme of this blog, which is the absurdity of life and the way it is fostered and encouraged. It might be a stretch to view this as cataclysmic, but it is symptomatic of the failure of the population to notice the obvious. Which is; things are not working well at all.

There is an election today, but I haven't voted yet. It is not a certainty that I will. Only recently did I register, and have skipped most elections since then, and all of them prior. Politicians are not very trustworthy, every vote has left me feeling a little ashamed. How can I help put a person who is probably corrupt, or at least self absorbed in a position of authority?

This city is electing a new mayor, and both candidates seem to be running on the position that they are not the opponent, who is not fit to lead. And they are both probably right. One mayoral ad has a kindly older gentleman talking about his first encounter with one of the candidates and how he noticed a "spark" even back then. And he claims he would "be the mayor for all neighborhoods."

Where I work there are homeless people whose brightest hope is finding someplace covered to sleep so if it rains they will stay dry. What do you have to say about their neighborhood, Andy? Nobody wants to talk about them, they don't vote, pay taxes or contribute to mayoral campaigns. Why bother?

They both want to expand pre-school, and after school programs, but won't talk about how they are going to pay the bill. But, they both assure us their plan is better than their opponent. Sure, it is probably so good it defies explanation.

There is an issue to legalize marijuana. It doesn't matter how I vote, one way or another it is coming. It is a fight that has been lost already, if it doesn't pass today it will, sooner than later. Why are we still fighting this war?  I gave up smoking everything a long time ago, so it matters little to me how long it takes, but the money people are wasting seems foolish.

There are other things, most of which little relevance to everyday life. City council, judges (who am I to elect a judge?) maybe the coroner. I have big money riding on that one, it will be a dogfight.

Yes, I know, every vote counts, well you can count mine as a vote of abstention, I hope they all lose. What if everybody felt that way? Then maybe our system would change and candidates would try to earn our votes on their merits, and quit wasting time and money spouting platitudes, and accusations. Say what you want to I have heard it all. I spent years not voting, because it seemed no one earned my vote. I tried it and found it wanting.